In addition to diagnosing eye diseases and evaluating overall ocular health, big parts of optometrists’ jobs include prescriptions and counseling. Depending on a specific patient’s needs, an optometrist can prescribe vision therapy, medications, low vision rehabilitation and optical aids including magnifiers, eye glasses and contact lenses. An optometrist also provides advice regarding prescribed optical aids and management of ocular issues and illnesses.

When diseases or issues require expertise outside of the optometrist’s field, a good optometrist can refer patients to other medical professionals. For example, should a patient need cataract surgery—something an optometrist generally cannot perform—the optometrist should refer the patient to a reputable ophthalmologist who can perform the surgical procedure.

Finding an Auburn Eye Doctor
For those in the Auburn area of Washington, there are many options for find a skilled Auburn eye doctor. First of all, you can ask trusted friends and relatives for eye doctor recommendations. If that doesn’t turn up any good leads, you can then turn to public sources like the Internet and phone book.

No matter where you find your Auburn eye doctor, make sure to ask him or her for a curriculum vitae so you can be assured of his or her qualifications.

Here at Kosnoski Eye Care, Inc., we hold 60 years experience in the optometry field. We’ve been serving the Auburn area for years, and our doctors hold various specialties in addition to primary eye care specialties. If you’re looking for an Auburn eye doctor, we would count it a pleasure to serve you.