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12511 Meridian E Ste 101
Puyallup, WA 98373
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Optometrists in Puyallup

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Eye Exams - Contact Lenses - Vision Care in Puyallup - Kosnoski Eye Care

optometrist in Puyallup

Leading Eye Doctors Near You in Puyallup, WA

Our Puyallup, WA, optometrist is here to serve you using top-notch skill and the latest diagnostic technologies. We offer a complete range of primary eye care services for your entire family, and we take special pride in providing every individual with the best vision and eye care possible. What is our secret to success?

Our Puyallup eye doctor invests time and energy into every patient relationship because getting to know you is the foundation for optimal eye care. We want to know about your family eye history, overall health, lifestyle preferences, and vision condition. To benefit from superior eye care in Puyallup, contact our office to schedule your appointment for an eye exam. We also provide treatment for eye emergencies; if you need an urgent eye exam, please call for assistance.

Our Eye Care Specialties in Puyallup

Precise Eye Exams for Everyone

Using advanced optometric equipment, our Puyallup optometrist will check your eyes thoroughly to assess ocular health and visual acuity. Using high-powered magnification, we check your inner eye tissues for any signs of disease. Our eye doctors specialize in detailed management of eye disease, and we strive to keep your vision safe from future complications and vision loss.

Diabetes Eye Care

If you have diabetes (especially if it is not controlled), you are at an increased risk of vision damage. Together with your physicians, our Puyallup eye doctor will work to protect your long-lasting eyesight and general well-being. We will partner with your medical care providers to keep them informed of any changes in your eye health, which may point to a need to change your diabetes treatment.

eye exams in Puyallup
eyeglasses in Puyallup

Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses

Following your comprehensive eye exam, our Puyallup optometrist will issue a detailed vision prescription for corrective lenses (if you need it). We will also meet with you to discuss your vision condition and the available corrective options. Depending upon your lifestyle, visual needs, and the look you prefer, we will fit you with glasses or contact lenses.

Check out our outstanding optical collection to choose the perfect pair of designer frames to complement your style, or purchase premium contact lenses from our extensive selection. Are you interested in orthokeratology, the breakthrough method of correcting your vision by wearing ortho-k lenses during sleep? Our Puyallup eye doctor specializes in fitting ortho-k corneal reshaping lenses and we’ll be happy to discuss your candidacy.

Designer Glasses & Sunglasses in Puyallup

Ready for something new? Stop by Kosnoski Eye Care. Our eyewear collection is top of the line. We’re in-network with most insurances and our eye doctors offer same-day appointments. Qualified optometrists and technicians strive to help you find the right prescription glasses for your lifestyle.

Things to See in Puyallup, WA

Along with over 38,000 residents, The Washington State Fair also calls Puyallup, WA, home. Back during the early years of World War II, the Puyallup Fairgrounds were a part of Camp Harmony, an internment camp for US citizens or residents of Japanese origin.

Now, the lands have a more festive use and over 1 million people per year join in this popular event, which is an anchor for unique local businesses and restaurants. The time-honored promotional slogan for this festival has always been Do the Puyallup!

Farms & Parks

Pioneer Park is a place for all ages, and it is easy to reach in downtown Puyallup, right next to the library. With two acres of space, there is a water spray park and playground for the kids, and plenty of green grassy areas with benches and shade. During the spring and summer, the Puyallup Farmers Market is a featured event, where a fantastic array of unique vendors set up shop in between mouthwatering food trucks and entertaining street musicians. Want to buy your fresh produce from the source, a step before it journeys to the Farmers Market? Head to Scholz Farm for berries, green beans, corn, fresh eggs, and a load of yummy non-certified organic produce grown by locals.

pioneer park in Puyallup
Meeker Mansion in Puyallup

Cycle through the Past

One of the best ways to travel back in time and appreciate the rich heritage of Puyallup is by doing a self-guided bike tour. Print out a map with text descriptions from the city’s official website, and follow the numbered markers that point out each historic landmark (including notable trees!). All 14 sites are located within about a 1.2-mile radius. If biking isn’t your passion, our Puyallup eye doctors recommend going on foot to view the most famous structure in town, Meeker Mansion, built in 1886. Take a guided tour to see hand-painted ceilings and antique furnishings, and learn intriguing local history.

To ensure that you see every detail crisp and clear, book an eye exam as your next activity in Puyallup. Drive about 8 minutes along WA 161 S/WA 512 W and WA 161 S/Meridian E to reach Kosnoski Eye Care, on the left side of the street.


Due to continued staffing challenges, please call our offices prior to visiting us for non-appointment needs.
Thankfully, we have resumed routine eye care. Please note our office protocol during this time.
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